Myuwe referencing a book

UWE referencing, or UWE Harvard referencing, is a variation of the Harvard style specific to the University of the West of England. It broadly follows the AuthorDate system. Its crucial that you follow the UWE style exactly, as this is what youll be marked on. Recommendation: secondary referencing should be avoided if at all possible. The author may be citing the primary reference because of their own interpretation of its relevance, possibly in quite a different context.

We recommend you read the primary source for yourself to ensure its relevance to your particular purpose. Book chapters.

Note: myUWE Support Infopoints Supporting your studies Starting a new course is a big step, whether you've Our Librarians are here to help with anything from finding a book to referencing your work.

If you're not on campus, our Ask a UWE Harvard Reference Builder. UWE Bristol Harvard reference builder. Switch to the old reference builder. Switch to the full window version Create a reference using the UWE Harvard format. For a full guide to reference types with examples, see the UWE Harvard pages.

Journal or ejournal article; Book or ebook Please login using your with UWE network username or email address, and password A guide to referencing books, journal articles and other types of information using the UWE Bristol Harvard referencing standard the main referencing standard used at UWE Bristol. Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA)