Removable wallpaper back of bookcase

Should I wallpaper or paint back of built in bookcases? Caroline Correia You can actually either paint or wallpaper cardboard cut to the size of the bookcase backs, then if you want to change, it's a very easy switch. Removable wallpaper on the backs of your cases and pillows on your offwhite chairs would be just enough pattern to SENGE Bookshelf Door Removable wallpaper back of bookcase Murals Door Murals Door Decals Door Wall Sticker Bookcase Door Wall Stickers Wallpaper Mural DIY Home Decor Poster Decoration (4# Bookshelf) wall26 Antique Building with a Wall of Books Removable Wall Mural Selfadhesive Large Wallpaper 66x96 inches.

by Back to top. Get to Know Us. Cut wallpaper to the exact size youll need to cover the back wall of the bookcase. Again, if you have permanent shelves, cut the pieces in sections to fit between the shelves. Lay the wallpaper pieces against the back wall of the bookcase to ensure they fit. Unique and Inexpensive Apartment Decorating Ideas: Cover the back of a bookcase with wallpaper. Just not this wallpaper. wallpaper the back of a bookcase, armoire or builtin cabinet with a fun print or textured paper.

Just like paint, a little bit of pattern can go a long way and really add that special" custom" touch. Jan 17, 2013 You guessed it Ange and Lori, my 'wallpaper' is actually wrapping paper I spied in the Target Dollar Bins, a marketing genius whoever thought of those! My favorite part of the makeover is that it's easily removable when I'm in the mood to change the pattern, and of course, the major impact for the 6 price tag. Pastethewall requires wallpaper paste to be applied directly to a surface before the wallpaper is Removable wallpaper back of bookcase on top.

Depending on what style wallpaper you've selected, either wet the back of the paper or apply paste directly to the back panel of the bookcase. This item Bookshelf Wall Decals Removable Art Stickers Decor Mural, MATTE, BLACK MagiDeal 3D Bookshelf Wall Decal Stickers Kids Room Decor Wall Door STICKER books shelfs bookcase library, mural, decole, film 30x79" (77x200 Cm) Easy to follow tutorial on How to Wallpaper the Back of Bookshelves, with pictures and instructions.

on the back of a bookshelf. I did this on both the large bookshelves and the small ones I just moved into our bedroom, so the pics are of both. Fist, Pretty much all of these kinds of shelves come with a removable back. Use a small flat One standard roll of Gold Arrows Peel and Stick (repositionable) Wallpaper from Spoonflower, a pencil and a straight edge, a measuring tape, and scissors.

This project was ridiculously easy for me because the width of the bookshelf perfectly matched the width of the wallpaper roll. Then, I used the Wallternatives Wall Appeal removable wallpaper for the back. I simply measured, cut it to size, and stuck it on, smoothing out wrinkles as I went along. The amazing thing about this wallpaper is that it peels off easily and you can reuse it, move it, reposition it, etc.and its extremely easy to install.