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VW Transmissions and Trans Parts. Used, Recycled, New. Transmission Assembly for Volkswagen vehicles Feb 03, 2006 AUG transmission from a early 90's 8V GTI will fit all mk1, mk2, and 4 cyl.

mk3. 100mm flanges, I can install 90mm flanges if requested. Close ratio gearbox, gearing is similar to 16V transmission. 32 rows  020 gear ratios Here I will try to cover the possible gears you might find in the 020. A note on the way the tooth counts are listed. the first number is the driven gear, the second number is Oct 22, 2012 Aug 13th, 2001 Location Pickerington, Ohio I'm wondering if anyone knows the fluid capacity of the 020 manual transmission.

I would like to change out the fluid in my 1998 Jetta and need to know how many bottles to purchase. Already checked the Bentley manual, but there is no specification listed. The spec is in the front of the book Aug 21, 2008 Published on Aug 21, 2008 I'm assuming it's the diff. I had a issue awhile back where my pressure plate came loose which probably jarred the tranny spline some. VW 020 4& 5Speed Transaxle Information.

Specifications: 5Speed Transaxle Specs; 4Speed Transaxle Specs; Automatic Transaxle Specs. Speedometer Drive Gear Info; Related Links [Return to the main VWDiesel Links Page Introduction: Here's some transmission information I've gleaned off the web concerning Volkswagen transaxles. There are two 5 Speed MANUAL TRANSMISSION Technical Documentations For All Part numbers for Reference only 5 speed 020 Hard Parts All Part numbers for Reference only, ACH, AGS, AON, ASF, AUG, TC1118 recon used: On Sale.

129. 95. Email or Call for Availability: Updated: 21Aug18. The information contained in this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only.

The site creator is not responsible for you, your car, your errors, or your economic losses resulting from your use of this information. 020 Manual Transmission. Maintenance, Repair Guides& Troubleshooting. Please visit BrokeVW Partial ASSEMBLY parts listings for Aug 020 transmission book 020 manual transaxles. VW 020 Gears& Shafts, For 5 speed manual transmission 1888VWTranny. com is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen of America or Volkswagen AG Ratios Below is a list of transmissions in A1s2s3s4s.

The closeness index is factored from the overall gear ratios multiplied together. The number itself is not important, but it is helpful in comparing transmissions to each other (only transmissions with the same number of gears can be compared). Find great deals on eBay for vw 020 transmission parts. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for Transmission Book in Books About Nonfiction.

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