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Corn Growth Stages This identification system divides plant development into vegetative (V) and reproductive (R) stages. The (V) stages are designated numerically as V1, V2, V3, etc. through V(n) where (n) represents the number of leaves with visible collars. Corn Growth and Management Quick Guide Knowing the growth stages of corn allows growers to time field operations properly to meet windows of opportunity.

Proper timing of fertilizer, irrigation, cultivation, harvest, and insect, weed and disease control can improve yields significantly. 2 Corn Growth and Management Quick Guide www. ag. ndsu. edu 1. Germination and Emergence (VE) Corn seed begins germination when the seed contains at least 30 percent moisture. The first seedling structure to emerge from the corn seed is the radicle (root), followed by the coleoptile (shoot) with the enclosed plumule (first leaves and growing point).

reach a certain growth stage, can help predict when important growth stages will occur. Growth stages can be used to help growers make timely applications of herbicides and fungicides. The following information is on corn growth and development from emergence to R6 growth stage.

Corn growth stage development can vary according to corn maturity. Stage Potential Actual VE Earsarea V6 Kernel rowsear Factory3 V12 Kernel rowsear V18 Kernelsrow R11, 2 Kernel weight Earsarea Kernel number R1 to R5 R6 Kernel weight R2 R3 R4 V R6 V V14 V2 V4 V6 VE VT R1 R5 Vegetative nth Leaf Stage (Vn) Reproductive Corn Development Stages 1 Abendroth, L.

J.R. W. Elmore, M. J. Boyer, and S. K. Marlay. 2011. Post emergent corn herbicide labels define the latest growth stage for which herbicide applications can be made without causing crop injury. Herbicide applications past the recommended application stages can result in significant crop injury. As we approach and pass the V6V8 growth stages throughout much of the corn growing region of North Dakota, lets do a quick recap of where we are and where we are going.

At this point, much of the action around growing a corn crop has passed. Corn growth stages with estimated calendar days and growingdegree units These tables illustrate that calendar days between corn growth stages often not only depends on years and environment; but also